13 State Tourneys

13 Year-Old State Tournaments–2023

South Division

Tournament Director:  Mike Barbee 360-430-7743

When:  July 6-9, 2023

Where:  Longview Babe Ruth @ Roy Morse Park

Format:  4 teams.  Double elimination. Coin flip for Home/Away before each game.

Tournament Book [and fees]:Turn in to Tournament Official one hour before your first game.


Schedule and Game Results


Game 1:. Thursday, July 6–Longview 22  Camas Washougal 7

Game 2: Friday, July 7– Kelso 13  Black Hills 3

Game 3:  Friday, July 7:  5:00PM. Camas-Washougal 12 v Black Hills 13 [Loser out]

Game 4:  Saturday, July 8:  11:00 AM. Kelso 2 vs Longview 10

Game 5:  Sat., July 8:  2:00 PM Kelso 13 vs Black Hills 11 [Loser out]

Game 6:  Sunday, July 9:  11:00 AM Longview 11 vs Kelso 1

Game 7:  Sunday, July 9:  If Longview’s 1st loss in Game 6.

Longview is Champion to Region.  Kelso is Region Invite.

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For Region Tournament Information, go to: http://www.pnwbaberuth.com

Regional Teams:

13- Longview BR and Kelso BR

North Division

Tournament Book [and fees]:  Turn in to Tournament Official one hour before your first game.

When:  July 6-9, 2023

Where:  Moses Lake at Larson and Lauzier Fields respectively.

Tournament Official:  Dan Riley
Game Results
Mt. Vernon 5–Columbia Basin 1
Greater Wenatchee 9–NC Brewsters 5
Mt Vernon 9–Port Angeles 3
Game 5 Mount Vernon 10 Wenatchee 1
Game 6 NCW (Brewster) 13 Port Angeles 3
Game 7 Wenatchee 10 NCW 1
Game 8 Mount Vernon won but I do not have the score
North Washington 13’s  Mount Vernon Champion Greater Wenatchee Runner-up